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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Affairs

General Information

Student Life is considered to be an integral part of the college experience and supports the academic mission of the college. The college hopes students will avail themselves of all opportunities for academic and personal growth. All students are encouraged to embrace a variety of activities and services to enhance and support their adjustment to college life. The college is committed to providing a safe, secure learning environment and provides policies and procedures designed to ensure that every possible precaution is taken to protect individuals on campus. Students are expected to stay abreast of campus information and policies. The Office of Student Affairs assists students to better understand college life and serves as a laison for students to reach their academic and professional goals. For additional guidance and explanations regarding Student Policies and Procedures, visit https://www.jcjc.edu/studentpolicies/.  MyJones, course syllabi, program manuals, email memoranda, and the Jones College website offer multiple avenues to access general information, download policies and seek guidance regarding involvement in activities and usage of services.

Situations may arise in which a student believes that he or she has not received fair treatment by a representative of the college or has a complaint about the performance, actions, or inaction of staff or faculty. Any complaint or grievance should be formally presented to the Vice President of Student Affairs. For the complete policy and procedures, please refer to https://www.jcjc.edu/studentpolicies/.



Student Counseling Services, located on the bottom floor of the Administration Building in Student Affairs, offers a variety of clinical and consultation services free to Jones College Students Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Appointments may be made in person or by calling 601-477-4030.

Student Counseling Services staff is composed of experienced professionals with training in counseling, social work, and psychology who are knowledgeable in facilitating personal growth and development. Student Counseling Services offers individual and group counseling, workshops, psycho-educational groups, and walk-in urgent care. Consultation regarding student concerns is available to concerned faculty, staff, and students. For more information about services as well as referral to off-campus counseling services, please contact the Student Counseling Services.

Sexual Assault Services

Sexual Assault Services are provided by Student Counseling Services. Our counselors work closely with the Title IX Director to provide crisis response, assessment, and direct support in the event of a sexual assault. The counselor is available to provide further consultation and referrals. Please visit http://www.jcjc.edu/studentpolicies/docs/sexualharassmentpolicy.pdf for information regarding the sexual assault policy. For information or to report a sexual assault case, students and members of the college community may contact a counselor at Student Counseling Services (601-477-4030), the Title IX Director (601-477-4083), the Campus Police Department (601-477-4006), the Dean of Students’ Office (601-477-4038), or the Ellisville Police Department (601-477-9252).

Health Services

Jones College Health Services offers high quality, affordable health care to students and employees of Jones College. The walk-in clinic, located in the Home & Health Building, is staffed by a Family Nurse Practitioner, and provides treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, medication management, and referral for counseling services. Office visits are offered at no cost, and provide a valuable option to our JC students and employees. Lab services, TBST, and physical exams are also available for a minimal fee. For more information regarding the Campus Clinic, please visit https://www.jcjc.edu/clinic/​.

Disability Accommodations

In accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990), Jones does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs or activities. Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities are provided through the Office for Disability Accommodations (ODA). ODA verifies eligibility for accommodations and works with eligible students to develop and coordinate plans for the provision of accommodations. To receive accommodations, students must self-identify with the ODA. Accommodations may include exam modifications, assistive technology, accessible housing, document conversion, interpreters, note-takers and readers. In order to receive appropriate and timely accommodations, eligible students should contact the ODA before the semester begins to file an application and submit documentation of disability for review. The ODA is committed to creating a positive campus environment where students with disabilities are encouraged to pursue careers on the basis of personal interest and ability. For additional information, email adacoordinator@jcjc.edu.



Jones College provides residence halls for both men and women. Residence halls, providing accommodations for approximately 850 students per year, are under the supervision of the Directors of Housing. Living in the residence halls is considered a privilege. A student’s residence on campus is contingent on that student’s compliance with policies established for the general welfare of all residence hall students. Students must pass 9 hours with a semester GPA no less than 1.5 to be eligible for student housing for the following semester (Fall/Spring). The housing staff makes efforts to ensure a safe and secure environment. Even though precautions are taken to maintain adequate security, the College cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to student possessions. Students are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover losses. It is the responsibility of all residence hall students to become aware of and observe all published rules found in the Student Policies and Procedures and the Residence Life handbook, which is provided to residents prior to arriving on campus. The college reserves the right to inspect rooms and/or to move any student to another assignment for reasons of space management or for the maintenance of order. Students requesting specific accommodations based on a disability must register with Jones’ Office of Disability Accommodations. Accommodation requests must be received prior to April 1 in order to receive priority consideration.

Housing Applications should be addressed to the Housing Office, Jones College, Ellisville, MS 39437. A Non-Refundable Application Fee of $50.00 should accompany the application. Financial aid cannot be used to cover the application fee. All students must re-apply each school year. Applications are not transferable from one school year to the next. Visit https://www.jcjc.edu/housing/ for more information about campus housing.


Food Services

The C.L. Neill Student Center was designed to serve the needs of Jones College students. Sodexo, Inc. operates a large, well-equipped cafeteria in the Student Center. A sincere effort is made at all times to serve well-prepared, high quality food in attractive surroundings. Sodexo also offers beverage services in the Terrell Tisdale Library and Jones Hall. Taco Bell and the Grill offer fast food options in The Union. To find out more, visit https://jcjc.sodexomyway.com/.


Books and Supplies

The bookstore offers textbooks, school supplies, Jones clothing, gifts and various incidentals for purchase. Mail service is provided through the bookstore. The bookstore hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday and 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Friday. The Bookstore observes all school holidays. For more information, visit https://www.jcjc.edu/bookstore/.

Textbook Return Policy

Full cash or financial aid credit is issued only during the first week of the summer semester and during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. All books will be considered “Used” after these dates.

Bookstore hours and policies are subject to change without notice.


Library Services

The Terrell Tisdale Library includes volumes, journal/serial titles including print and electronic formats. The library provides a full complement of full-text journals as well as scholarly journals and online databases available online accessible from offices, residence halls, and from off campus. The library provides a full range of individual reference services including customized instruction sessions, one-on-one consultations and email. Providing services and resources to distance education students is a priority on campus with growing online degree options. The Library publishes a handbook, available at the circulation desk, providing both policies and information on using the library. A student ID card is required to check out books, and overdue items do incur fines. For more information, visit https://www.jcjc.edu/library/.


Transfer Services

Transfer Services is located on the bottom floor of the Administration Building in Student Affairs. The unit is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for students into a higher-level institution. Students investigating transfer opportunities may use this resource. Transfer Services provides information on the various opportunities available at institutions of higher learning. Transfer workshops, special events such as transfer week in the fall and spring, on-site instant admit days, a transfer informational center, campus visits, and university representatives are offered on campus throughout the semester.


Organizations & Clubs

Student clubs and organizations on the Jones College campus provide a well-rounded college experience, serving as the basis for great friendships and networking opportunities after graduation. Clubs and organizations also provide leadership skills and hands-on experience that benefit students as they continue their education or enter into the workplace. For more information regarding organizations and clubs, visit https://www.jcjc.edu/clubs/.


Publications are produced through the Humanities Division. The purpose of student publications is to provide a record of activities and offer student opportunities for experience in journalism, photography and graphic design through the campus newspaper (Radionian) and College yearbook (Lair). Students participate in the publication of the Radionian and Lair while enrolled in Journalism classes. Students enrolled in the College newspaper class may receive additional skills in video editing software, broadcasting and with online publication software, with the goal of preparing journalism majors for convergence media, now taught in universities and expected in today’s journalism.


Academic Probation and Suspension

Jones College seeks to provide an environment suitable for promoting the systematic pursuit of learning. The College requires of its students, reasonable academic progress. The retention of those students who repeatedly demonstrate a lack of ability, industry, maturity, and preparation would be inconsistent with this requirement. If a course is repeated, only the hours and the best grade are used in computing the grade point average.

Academic probation and suspension regulations apply equally to all students. Suspensions may be appealed to the Admissions Committee. If an appeal is denied, the student may then follow DUE PROCESS PROCEDURES as outlined in the Student Complaints and Grievances policy at https://www.jcjc.edu/policies/index.php#studentcomplaints.

Academic Probation

Academic probation officially recognizes that a student is making unsatisfactory progress and is in need of help. Academic probation is designed to serve a four-fold purpose: to indicate that the quality of academic achievement is below the standards required in progressing satisfactorily toward graduation or transfer, to make clear to all concerned of the shortcomings of a student’s performance, to provide occasion for necessary counseling, and to give students the opportunity to demonstrate adequate performance.

Academic Probation Regulations

  1. Students whose term grade point average at the end of any semester is below a 1.75.
  2. Students currently on probation whose term grade point average is below a 2.0 will remain on academic probation.

Students placed on academic probation will be required to meet the Admissions Committee for academic counseling at the beginning of the subsequent semester. Probation may be lifted by achieving a 2.0 term GPA the subsequent semester.

Academic Suspension

Academic suspension is a penalty imposed after a student has been allowed every reasonable opportunity to make satisfactory progress. The academic suspension period will provide an opportunity for students to reconsider their approaches to a college career or to make necessary adjustments in attitudes concerning the academic demands of college life.

Academic Suspension Regulations.

  1. Students whose term grade point average is below 1.5 while they are on academic probation.
  2. Students who remain on academic probation for three consecutive semesters.
    1. A first suspension will be for one semester. (Does not include summer)
    2. The second suspension will be for one calendar year.

Readmission Procedures

Readmission is initiated through the Admissions Committee. Procedures are outlined at https://www.jcjc.edu/studentpolicies/.