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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Life

Alumni Association

Students are encouraged to remain engaged with their alma mater. The Jones College Alumni Association strives to promote the welfare of the College and its alumni by increasing the interest of its members in the College and in each other. To join the Alumni Association, contact Jo Anna Newcomb at 601.477.4049 or by e-mail at joanna.newcomb@jcjc.edu.


Intercollegiate athletics is part of the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Division and is an integral part of the institution’s total educational program. The Jones College Bobcats compete in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, tennis, and cheerleading under guidelines established by the National Junior College Athletic Association, the Mississippi Junior College Athletic Association, and the local Board of Trustees. Intercollegiate athletics is under the supervision of the Athletic Director, who reports to the Vice President of Student Affairs, who reports to the President. The President guides and directs athletic operations regarding budgets, policies, procedures, recruiting, and academic standards. For more information regarding athletics at Jones College, visit https://jcbobcats.com/.

Fitness Center & Intramurals

The Fitness Center and intramural athletics are available to students and offered throughout the academic year to provide educational experiences to develop physical, social, and academic skills, as well as emotional wellbeing. The intramural program provides a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in basketball, ping pong, softball, tennis, volleyball, and other competitive and noncompetitive activities. The Fitness Center offers weight and cardiovascular work-out equipment. A wide range of group classes offer personal physical development.