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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Class Attendance Policies

Regular class attendance is a requisite if students are to succeed in their classes. All students are expected to attend class meetings regularly and promptly. There is a policy of no cuts at Jones College. Since there are times when students must be absent from classes, they should contact instructors prior to the absence if at all possible. Students are responsible for all work missed regardless of the cause of the absence. Students who miss an announced test will receive a zero on the test unless the instructor and a representative of the office of Student Affairs deems the absence to be of a justifiable nature.

Official Absences

Official absences are those granted to students who are representing the school. The College employee responsible for requesting official absences for students must submit the request to the Office of Student Affairs at least twenty-four hours prior to the absence. A notification of the official absence will be posted. However, students are responsible for notifying instructors in advance of any absence and making preparation for assignments.

With the exception of Official Absences, no absences are considered “Excused”. Students who miss announced work or tests will be subject to syllabus policy and must justify the absence to the instructor. Absences due to extended hospitalization, military deployment, or other reasons determined by the Office of Student Affairs to be justifiable, will be handled by the Dean of Students on a case-by-case basis.

Absences Due to Late Registration

Absences occurring from late registration are charged against the student’s total number of absences from classes.

Liberal Arts Attendance Policy

Day Class Absences

When a student’s absences total the number of days the class is scheduled to meet per week, the Office of Student Affairs will notify the student that absenteeism is jeopardizing the student’s chances of success in the classroom. On the 7th absence (3-day-a-week-classes) or the 5th absence (2-day-a-week-classes) the student will be dropped from the course, and a grade of “W” will be recorded.

Online Absences

Students in on-line courses will be notified after two absences that absences are jeopardizing their grade and enrollment. Students will be dropped from the class after three absences.

Evening Class Absences

After two evening class absences for any cause, students are notified by the Office of Student Affairs that absences are jeopardizing their grades and enrollment. After the third absence, students will be dropped from the course with a grade of “W.” For up-to-date information regarding attendance and withdrawal policies, consult the Student Policies and Procedures at