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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Practical Nursing, Career Certificate

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The Practical Nursing Program is designed to provide the student with knowledge and skills necessary to function as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Curriculum Description

This program prepares the individual to assist in providing general nursing care requiring basic knowledge of the biological, physical, behavioral, psychological and sociological sciences, and of nursing procedures that do not require the skills, judgment, and knowledge required of a registered nurse. This care is performed under the direction of a registered nurse, licensed physician, or dentist. Students that complete the program requirements, 3 semesters, as identified by the Mississippi Community College Board, will be eligible to apply for LPN licensure. The graduate of the program functions as a provider of care and a member of a profession. This curriculum references the Client Needs and Integrated Processes Categories from the Test Plan for the National Council Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses. The State Board of Nursing, in which the student applies for licensure, may deny any individual the right to take the NCLEX-PN based on previous criminal records.


The Jones College Practical Nursing Program is accredited by the Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) 3825 Ridgewood Road, Jackson MS 39211. Upon completion of the program, students will be eligible to apply to the Mississippi Board of Nursing to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN®), the national examination for licensure.

Legal Limitations for Licensure as a Practical Nurse

Restrictions regarding who may qualify to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN®) are as follows: “The board may, in its discretion, refuse to accept the application of any person who has been convicted of a criminal offense under any provision of Title 97 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, as now and hereafter amended, or any provision of this chapter.” Mississippi

Nursing Practice Law, 2010, page 13. The Mississippi Board of Nursing requires students to have an additional background check prior to the application for licensure during the final nursing course. This will be at the student’s expense and cannot be billed or paid from the student account.

Program Length

Three Semesters, 44 Semester Hours, 980 Clock Hours
Fall Class from August until July
Spring Class from January until December

Deadline for Admission to the Program:

April 1st for Fall admission
October 1st for Spring admission

Degree(s) Offered

Career Certificate

Entrance Requirements for Practical Nursing

Admission requirements and application process may be found on the Jones College website at the following address: nursing/lpn_howtoenroll.php

Admission Requirements:

  • Meet admission requirements for Jones College
  • Minimum ACT composite score of 16 (12 if taken before 1989), 14 on English, Math, and Reading sub scores
  • ATI TEAS Test composite score of 50 or greater (Dates for the entrance exam are provided on the Practical Nursing application instruction sheet and the ATI webpage).
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 on previous college work (This requirement may be waived if applicant scores a 21 or greater on ACT. This requirement may be waived if applicant scores above a 77.3% on TEAS.)
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old prior to the completion of the program
  • Each applicant must also apply for separate admission to JC.
  • While there are no required courses to take prior to getting into the program, the following courses, once completed, add points in the selection process for applicants.
    • Human Growth & Development
    • Nutrition
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II

Admission Procedure

  • Apply for admission to Jones College
  • Complete Practical Nursing Application located in the Practical Nursing Office (Home and Health Services Building) or the Practical Nursing website and return the application to the Practical Nursing Office by deadline dates
  • Register to take the TEAS test at; score must be submitted to PN office
  • Submit official/unofficial transcripts of all previous college work to Practical Nursing Office by deadline dates
  • Submit ACT score to Practical Nursing Office
  • Apply for financial aid by completing FAFSA (info at

Selection of Applicants into the Program

  • Selection of students into the program is very competitive. Scores listed above represent the minimum requirements and do NOT guarantee admission into the program.
  • Selection into the Practical Nursing program will be based on points earned by each applicant. Points can be accumulated based on the rubric that is used in the selection process. Download a copy of the rubric from the Practical Nursing website.
  • Selection of students into the program will be based on the ACT score, ATI TEAS score, college GPA, selected academic college course work taken and previous healthcare experience. Approximately 40 applicants are selected for the fall class and approximately 40 applicants are selected for the spring class. *In case students have the same amount of total points on the rubric, the applicant with the highest combination of points from the GPA and ACT will be considered. If there is still a tie, the in-district applicant is given priority and further ties will be broken by a random drawing.
  • Students selected will be notified by letter or email.
  • All qualified applicants not selected will be placed on an alternate list; in the event of a vacancy, the alternate will be notified via phone call or email.
  • After notification of acceptance, the student will be required to provide the following:
    • Attend Orientation Session
    • Current certification of Healthcare Provider Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    • Physical examination
    • Two Step Tuberculosis (TB) skin test
    • MMR (shot record); must be college compliant per Health Department standards
    • Hepatitis B Immunization series of three injections or signed declination
    • Influenza (Flu) Vaccination
  • Once admitted into the program, students must clear criminal background check.
  • Maintain an 80% average on attempted coursework as outlined in the Practical Nursing Manual.

Students selected into the Practical Nursing Program will be required to submit to a random drug test prior to the first day of clinical.

Practical Nursing Guidelines for Granting Prior Credit

Credit for Nursing Courses within the Program

Applicants who have successfully completed content in another Practical Nursing Program or who have completed content in a Registered Nursing Program may request advanced placement in the Practical Nursing Program under certain conditions.

Students who have completed the 1st semester of a Practical Nursing Program within the last two years, with a grade of “C” or better, are eligible to receive transfer credit that is equivalent to the 1st semester PNV Coursework at Jones College, provided the coursework taken at another college is congruent with the course work offered at JC.

Students who have previously been enrolled in a Registered Nursing Program the following will apply:

Students that have completed two semesters in an RN program within the last two years, with a grade of “C” or better, are eligible to receive transfer credit for only the 1st semester PNV courses at Jones College, provided the coursework taken at another college is congruent with the coursework offered at JC.

Any person requesting transfer of prior credit must:

  1. submit a program application;
  2. submit a letter of reference from a faculty member in their previous nursing program;
  3. submit a college transcript and course descriptions from previous program;
  4. must meet JC’s practical nursing program’s ACT requirement, but does not have to take the TEAS Test.

Placement is not guaranteed and is dependent on several factors:

  1. whether there is an opening in the requested class;
  2. whether the course objectives/course descriptions submitted for prior credit are congruent with the course objectives/course descriptions of JC’s Practical Nursing Program;
  3. whether the prior credit was obtained at a regionally accredited college or university;
  4. students may be required to demonstrate competence in selected 1st semester skills, including but not limited to, hand washing, vital signs, catheterization, and medication administration.
  5. students will be required to demonstrate competence in dosage calculations.

Credit for Non-Nursing Courses within the Program

Students enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program who have taken academic Anatomy & Physiology I & II may substitute these classes for PNV 1213   Body Structure and Function. This substitution is allowed only if the student has completed these classes within the last two years and achieved a grade of “B” or better in the academic course. A copy of the student’s college transcript must be on file in the PN office for this substitution to be approved.


Jones College Enrollment Services at 601.477.4257 or Practical Nursing office at 601.477.4101 or 601.477.2249, or email

Program Requirements

The following advisement plan is a recommended course of study. An academic advisor may alter course sequence to meet individual student needs. In addition, an academic advisor may recommend additional or different courses depending upon student career plans and/or requirements of the college or university to which the student plans to transfer.


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