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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Commercial Truck Driving, Career Certificate (Four Week Course)

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Commercial Truck Driving


The purpose of the Commercial Truck Driving program is to prepare individuals for employment in the commercial truck driving field as an over-the-road driver.

Program Description

The program is a combination of classroom, hands-on-equipment training, and actual road driving. It includes fundamental instruction on safety, Department of Transportation rules and regulations, driving practices, air brakes, hazardous materials, and emergencies. Operating diesel powered vehicles, practice in performing vehicle inspections, coupling and uncoupling, maneuvering, backing, and driving a tractor- trailer truck under varying road and climate conditions. Includes, loading and unloading cargo, reporting delays or accidents on the road, verifying loads against shipping records, and keeping necessary records. Also instructions in proper shifting, log books, preparing paperwork, and map reading.

Program Length

Four Weeks
Fifteen Weeks

Degree(s) Offered

Career Certificate

Admission Requirements

  • Submit both a JC application for admission and a commercial truck driving application
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Recommended to have a current valid Commercial Driving Learner’s Permit or Commercial Driver’s License
  • Have a satisfactory driving history for the past three (3) years
  • Pass a Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) Physical for Commercial Truck Drivers
  • Receive a negative test result on the D.O.T. drug screen test conducted by a certified laboratory and have the results submitted directly to the college
  • An official high school transcript or a copy of GED scores is required

Applicants that do not hold a regular high school diploma or high school equivalency may qualify for the program by the following:

  • Contact Dr. Brad Harrison at 601-477-4098 or 
  • Schedule a time to complete the Accuplacer assessment.
  • Receive a passing score on all Accuplacer tests.
  • Students must go to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety-Highway Patrol in Hattiesburg to take the written exam and receive a permit before starting class

Students will be expected to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License and to pass the DOT Commercial Driver Written Examination in order to complete the course. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have earned a certificate in Commercial Truck Driving.

Commercial Truck Driving Alcohol and Drug Policy

The following policies are extremely important and a student that violates any one or more of the following policies will be subject to withdrawal from the Commercial Truck Driving Program.

  1. JC Commercial Truck Driving Program has a zero tolerance policy on drug and alcohol abuse.
  2. Alcohol -  A student may not possess, use, transfer, offer, or be under the influence of any intoxicating liquor while enrolled in the JC Commercial Truck Driving Program. This policy prohibits using any alcohol prior to reporting to school, while in attendance at school, to include during breaks and/or meal periods.
  3. Drugs -  A student may not possess, use, transfer, offer, share, attempt to sell or obtain, manufacture, or be under the influence of any drug or similar substance and also may not have any drugs or similar substances present in the body. Thus, students who test positive for any illegal drug violates this policy. This policy also pertains to prescription drugs being taken without doctor’s authorization.
  4. Drug Paraphernalia and Alcohol Containers -  A student may not possess any drug paraphernalia or alcohol containers.
  5. Prescriptions/Over-the-Counter Medications -  It is the student’s responsibility to check the potential effects of prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications with your doctor or pharmacist before attending the Commercial Truck Driving class. A student must immediately let the instructor know when such use makes it unsafe for the student to report to class and do what is expected in class each day. Students under the influence of a prescription drug, which cautions against the operation of equipment or a motor vehicles, will not be allowed to operate school equipment or motor vehicles. Students operating school equipment or motor vehicles under the influence of a prescription drug which cautions against such use will be in violation of this policy.
  6. Adulterants -  Any substance that is used for the purpose of manipulating a drug test by adding to the specimen or ingesting is prohibited.


Instructor: Billy Miller 601.477.5440 or at; Randall Beets 601.477.5440 or at

Program Requirements

Course Name

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